About Ashley Walley

Ashley Walley is MyVest's Senior Marketing Specialist. She helps set the strategic vision and leads the tactical execution for the MyVest brand. She has a BA in marketing from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. On weekends she can be found trying new cocktails and eating all the oysters.

The Rise of Personalization in Digital Wealth

By Anton Honikman, MyVest CEO To date, the digital wealth movement has targeted scale through simplified off-the-shelf investment offerings and [...]

DOL Fiduciary Rule Decision: A Win for the Client-Centric Advisor

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta announced in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed (and official memo) that the DOL Fiduciary Rule will [...]

CEO Anton Honikman’s Interview from Floor of NYSE

MyVest CEO Anton Honikman was interviewed live on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange by online news network [...]

MyVest is Proud to Take the Equal Pay Pledge

Did you know that in the US, women earn about 76 cents per dollar earned by men? Not at MyVest! [...]

Has the Fiduciary Rule Already Done Some Good?

Originally published in FTF News | February 22, 2017 | By Eugene Grygo MyVest's CEO Anton Honikman was interviewed by FTF [...]

Supporting Our Local Community at SF-Marin Food Bank

As part of MyVest’s commitment to making the place we live even better, we’ve been long-time supporters of SF-Marin Food [...]

2016 Year in Review: A New Era

2016 marked the beginning of a new era at MyVest. It's been an extraordinary year of unparalleled growth, and we [...]

Joanne Pons Named San Francisco’s Best Tech Manager

We are thrilled to announce that MyVest’s Senior Director of Engineering Joanne Pons has been awarded San Francisco's Best Tech [...]

Beyond the Rhetoric: What Does it Mean to be Client-Centric?

Meet Pat. Pat’s an advisor in a traditional wealth management firm. Pat meets with the Bradys at his office in the [...]

Is Robo-Advising Right For You?

It's great for simple investing, but it can't handle complex situations. Originally published in U.S. News & World Report | November [...]