New suite delivers a comprehensive tech-driven solution for dramatically increased efficiency and scale

SAN FRANCISCO — December 12, 2017: MyVest, a pioneer in wealth management technology for the digital age, announced the launch of a new middle office operations suite within their enterprise wealth management platform, The Strategic Portfolio System™ (SPS).

The result of MyVest’s ongoing investment in a digital middle office, the suite brings automation and scale to common functions like reconciliation, performance, billing, and reporting. It delivers:

  • Automation: A highly automated daily reconciliation process dramatically increases operational throughput while maintaining exceptional data integrity.
  • Consumer-Grade UI: An intuitive digital user experience brings a new level of simplicity to operations, minimizing manual processes and boosting efficiency.
  • Integration: The suite governs a unified operational database, upon which the other critical functions within SPS like trading, performance measurement, reporting and billing rely.

With MyVest’s flexible platform, wealth management firms can bring this comprehensive suite of tools in-house or streamline their operations by outsourcing to MyVest’s dedicated team of professionals for world-class service.

“In an environment where margins are under constant strain, improving operational efficiency is imperative,” said Anton Honikman, CEO of MyVest. “Our goal is to help firms dramatically scale their middle office operations, and the best way to do that is by enabling efficiency and risk reduction through digital tools.”

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