The Strategic Portfolio System™

The enterprise wealth management platform for the digital age

Power client-centric wealth management

With the Strategic Portfolio System™ (SPS™) advisors provide truly personalized solutions, managed holistically in a tax‑optimized way — a powerful combination you won’t find with any other platform.

Enable collaboration

Real-time access for everyone — your advisors, your investments team, operations and compliance, and your investors — on a single unified system.

Connect systems

Our robust suite of 60+ APIs makes it easy to integrate SPS™ with other systems essential to your success.

Serve multiple channels

Engineered with a flexible organizational structure, SPS™ can be tailored to fit your operating model, giving each team their own custom workflow, program, fee schedule, branding, reports, custodians & more.

Bridge silos

Designed to connect your people and your systems, SPS™ bridges silos, automates manual tasks, and streamlines your operation. So you can serve multiple client segments, advisor types, and managed account programs, all on a single platform.

Holistic wealth management
for the enterprise

The future of wealth management
is in your hands

Traditional wealth management is changing; the bar is rising.

Future-proof your organization with the Strategic Portfolio System™, a flexible digital platform built to help you serve all wealth tiers and life stages.

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